Who We Are

5 Tool Academy is a baseball development group comprised of professional instructors, all having excelled at the highest levels of professional and collegiate baseball. We stand apart from others with a belief that focusing on process helps create self-sufficient athletes who are capable of making quicker adjustments than others.

What We Do

5 Tool Academy is an after-school training program that gives players a place to get all of their training done in one stop. We have daily workouts that are focused on three main areas: pitching, hitting and fielding. For each separate skill, players will receive the knowledge and tools that will help transform them as a player.

As an academy, we encourage players to ask “why?” if they don’t understand something. Through discussion and advanced teaching methods, players obtain a better understanding of baseball skills, ranging from foundational to advanced movements. When you combine the willingness to learn and content tailored to each individual, players will be motivated to step out of their comfort zone and ask “why?”, not just in baseball but in all facets of life.

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